The highest safety standards for food, optimal productivity, and smooth operation are indispensable for economic success and for a reliable reputation.This includes providing advice on how to optimise the use of food grade lubricants: taking into account stringent contamination (in accordance with HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Our customers benefit from the excellent quality of the CASSIDA portfolio, which has been confirmed by numerous OEM approvals by well-known manufacturers of production and manufacturing equipment. From Hydraulic systems and transmissions to bearings and compressors, our customers profit from close co-operation during the development phase of each lubricant.

All lubricants for the production, processing, and packaging of food, bevarages, medications, and cosmetic products must fulfil stringent requirements. Consumer protection is crucial, which is why food safety is very important in all aspects of development, production, sales, and after-sales service. This is the reason why all of our food grade lubricants are registered by NSF international in accordance with the respective food related categories.

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